Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Street Honeycomb

One reason to live in The Woodlands is the difficulty in understanding how to navigate among the honeycomb of streets in the tall pines. It actually creates a type of safety net because most casual visitors have a difficult time finding anything here. The design not only emphasizes our forest but mandates its maintenance as part of the East Texas piney woods. The next time we get lost on one of our streets, remember that we have designed it his way for a reason. The design of the streets with the unique naming of each one to denote something of the wildlife or forest, is truly a desirable trait of this place. One can enjoy the forest right on our neighborhood streets. Whether it is driving about or it walking or bike riding along the numerous hiking trails, the forest is at our fingertips and we are surrounded by it. Here we stop not to smell the flowers but to gaze at the awesome forest preserved about us. However not all residents and visitors see it the same. Some cannot appreciate where they are and must rush at high speeds on our streets, honk horns, or play loud music in their automobiles. Some do not even see the children going to school. Some people are apparently here to work and not play. In the beginning, The Woodlands was a place to live and commute to the big city. Now it is becoming a city of its own, and many of the residents live like they are in a big city. That is sad. Those who read this blog, I would hope, will join me in promoting the simpler lifestyle which emphasizes the forest and distances itself from the hustle and bustle of the city. We do need to govern ourselves so we can strategize those values which are dear to our hearts.

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I'm with you on this one.