Sunday, October 21, 2007

November Election Preamble and News

Updated November 01, 2007 to link to the full text of the regional agreement

Election external links: - please vote for all three propositions

  • Endorsement by Conroe Courier: Woodlands voters should choose destiny Summary of the propositions
  • Sample ballot. There is much more than just the three propositions.
  • Montgomery county election information
  • Updates to the FAQ section of The Woodlands Association continues to clarify a number of questions. I encourage residents to read this information.

    Comments and Qualifications of the TCID Board - Most TCID board members now have their comments posted at this site. The reason for posting this material is for the public to see who is working to establish a self governing body for us. These folks have put in many hours to this end, as well as The Woodlands Association and residents. Voting YES to the proposition is equivalent to voting for each member, but especially voting for those staying until 2010. I asked each one to provide their information and will continue to publish what I receive as I receive it. All but one member has agreed to provide this information, and I believe that person may not have received my request. Your comments in that post will be welcome.

    A common resident's decision. I have published my voting views and intend to add some others view with their permission of course. Premature decision making is not a good idea. I prefer to commit about one to two weeks before the election. Since I am a Project Manager by trade and have had to make significant financial decisions ( at times, recommendations for decisions) all my career, my approach has been carefully thought out with risk and investment strategies. The agreement with Houston has been signed. This is a landmark agreement to do what no community has done in Texas history - avoid annexation by a megacity and make a gentleman's agreement between a city having the ETJ rights with a small evolving town. We will call ourselves a "township". This is exciting and surely the reader can feel it in the air, right with the cool fall winds! Related Links: 1.Chronicle's story on the regional agreement Within this article, The Chronicle outlines the agreement and also announces Les Tarrance of the board has resigned. His term was to end in 2010. The board will determine what they can legally do to replace him, preferably include his position in the May election. 2.The full text of the regional agreement made available by TCID with appendix

    Links to the governance series in this blog: 1. The Road to Governance - short description of the process 2. Governance in a Nutshell - list of issues and thoughts about those issues 3. Governance September Forum - my take on the public forum in September 4. Meet the TCID Board - provided by each member of the TCID board for us to meet 5. Panel Discussion- Discussion of the issues 6. The Decision 7. Next Steps 8. Look back

    I am working on other articles as well. Keep tuned and informed. The articles published in this blog are available and encouraged for comment. The blog is moderated, so please do not post nore than once. All posted comments should be visible within 24 hours. I would like to encourage dialogue. If you wish to communicate directly with me privately, please email me at

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