Friday, November 9, 2007

Residents' Value System

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Darbi said...

ISG-I've heard your argument on the sound issue time and time again. I agree with you on all areas here but see no point in arguing the sound portion listed here. Unfortunately, sound is a product of many of the services that keep many of those other amenties going. Want easier transportation through town? We must have road construction to keep roads passable. We need dump trucks to remove our garbage so that we do not have to do this ourselves. Sound happens. Sure, I'd love a life with no unnatural distactions, but it is one of the convenience prices we all have to pay. If I weren't worried about those conveniences, I'd go live in the "real" woods as opposed to the "living" kind.

PS - is your business a member of the Woodlands Chamber? I'd love to talk to you more about it. There are lots MORE ways to be involved as a resident and a business-owner. I know that you would love to be on the Legislative Committee with me. We hold a candidates' forum every other year and are working on planning 2008's now. Shoot me a message!

Anonymous said...

I think that integrity should be listed as a quality that is highly valued in a candidate. Past performance is often an indicator of future behavior.