Monday, December 17, 2007

Conroe School District 2008 Bond Proposal - timing is everything

Heads up! A new bond is planned for CISD to buy land for expansions in the northeastern side of Conroe. This is due to the large explosion of planned communities over the next five years north of Conroe. The Woodlands will have expansion projects built into the bond, according to the Chronicle article published today (see links below). If growth does not pay for the bonds, then of course our tax rates would have to be increased. So is housing going to continue to boom? We need to research this bond to check the impact on us, considering the state of our economy and foreclosed loans.

The good news are the reduction of rates by $.035 for 2007-2008, or about -22% from 2006-2007. Tax assessment base is predicted to increase at a more modest 6.0% annually over the next two years, slowing down these reductions. Added debt in a bond will likely partially offset that effect. Projected student base increase is anticipated to be the same over the next two years as the last ten years (5% per year), requiring additional campuses. There are no more funds available for this. The 2004 bond is about to be depleted by current projects. See the financial presentation on the CISD website, listed below.

Possible direct benefits for us: added classrooms at Deretchin and Tough elementary schools, major classroom additions and core space additions at College Park High School. Note the capacity issues at both elementary schools (see TWHS Feeder System link below)

We will be asked to vote for this in the May 2008 election when we choose our five at-large elected Township board members.

Pertinent Links:

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