Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Woodlands Association Elections

There will be a transition period to consider when electing officials for The Woodlands Association. The elections will be held in February. Nomination packets are now available on the association website for those wishing to be directly involved in this exciting time of government change. See Resources below. We need to keep expertise in the associations to enable this transition to have as little impact on our community as possible. Please give special consideration to those who have enabled our community to be self governed and have the indepth knowledge of our community assets and processes.

As the transition to the new consolidated township brings us closer to a governing body, there will continue to be a need to fill gaps in the association positions. There is a need to bring new blood into the thinking process as well to fill vacated positions when some key association members move on to positions in the township. In this transition, more of us need to participate! Diversity within our population with a team consciousness, is required to gather the details for this transition. We need residents to step forward and run for positions. The association elections are coming. This is the time to sign up and put yourself on the ballot. You only need to be a resident to run for an association position. Each village has representatives also and that is an important position so that we get grass roots input into the process and decisions.

Knowledge is important for the transition so we will need to have some key positions filled by experienced people. However, it is important to have as many residents involved as possible, preferably those who are willing to continue to work over time for this community. We have much detail to work out and those contributing their ideas and experience over the next three years will be crucial to our future.

Unlike government positions, any resident can vote and have a position in any of the associations, including WCA and TWA in this election. Application forms are available to complete in late December, and the election will occur in February.

Additional resources:
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