Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Woodlands Township Board - 11th member replacement

Today, as I contemplated the situation for replacing Les Tarrance, I had to ask myself the question. What is the first thing for the board to consider? It is of course the actual need to replace Mr. Tarrance. What work needs to be done that cannot be done now? What representation is missing in the voting process? What experience is lacking to make quality decisions? What personality is needed to get the board from point A to point B?

So far, the need is not apparent in my eyes. Looking at the current board, I would say they have an array of representatives from every needed angle to govern the community, villages and town center alike. The five members to elect in May can fill any additional gaps of knowledge, skills and representation of the villages.

Suppose we have a board of 10. Would that be so bad? Perhaps we say, the vote could end in a tie. Sure it could! That can occur anytime there is a quorum of less than the total number of members. This can easily be solved by the chairman not voting when there are an even number of attending board members and using the chairman's vote as a swing vote when needed.

We face a critical time because replacing the position after the May election may be perceived as a move to offset some imbalance in power. The politics of the situation requires careful thought. Residents would be more apt to accept a non-political visionary decision in this process rather than an appointment based on the "need" to have an 11 member board that may be largely political in nature.

If it means amending the rules of order, so be it. So what am I missing here? Why the sudden push for an action to replace Mr Tarrance? Wouldn't it be comforting to know that there is enough self-confidence, especially by those seeking to be elected in May, just to let the position go vacant?

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