Thursday, February 7, 2008

Woodlands Association 2008 election - two distinct views

There is a clear polarity of opinion in this year's election for The Woodlands Assocation board. On one hand, we have the views of those who opposed the new governance propositions last November. They are concerned about representation of the residents in the villages and generally have distrust about the motives and interests of those of the former TCID board who now form the base of the Township board. There is a view that the board is more concerned about commerce than resident issues. On the other hand, those who have the highest stake in completing the consolidation of the association and the township prefer to elect association members who have the skills and the background to complete the tasks with the maximum of team spirit and cooperation. They are not exclusively interested in the consolidation, but to some it appears they are.

Looking at the overall work to be done, we must not forget that there are constantly new issues, not always insignificant, to work out for the residents, as well as the consolidation of government functions.

As a resident, I am looking to balance all of this. So it is imperative that the association board spends considerable effort on productive consolidation and dedicates considerable time to resident's issues as well. This will demand a lot of work from our candidates, whoever is elected.

When you go to the polls, consider this in your candidates’ selection. Since this is the week of early voting, I urge residents to take advantage of the opportunity to go down to the association facility on Lake Woodlands and cast your vote before Saturday, Feb 16th. Otherwise, you must vote at your designated village location on the 16th. However, cast your vote after researching the candidates. You can find a statement by each candidate at:
The Woodlands Community Association website.

You can find a sample ballot for your specific village: Woodlands Association Ballots

I have also published a related press release of Nelda Blair, chairman of the Township board:
Nelda Blair press release

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