Sunday, February 3, 2008

Woodlands Association Election is Imminent

Balloting occurs starting tomorrow: February 4 through 15

I hope you as well as I have been at least reading the qualifications for board members in the coming election. Remember that every resident in good standing can vote, whether a registered voter or not. In this article, we review what to look for in the political arguments brought forward by the two coalitions of candidates and consider the real needs of the community in light of their statements. There are only three contested positions, yet we have the ability to write-in candidates if we so desire. If there is someone to be written-in, make sure that person is willing to serve. The candidates posted by the association have already nominated themselves and are seeking your vote.

The two coalitions are derived from the previous election for self governance. My suggestion to voters is to consider this in your selection of a candidate, yet look beyond it for the real meat for our mutual benefit. Their platform is foremost and their alliances is only secondary to the good of the community.

When I cast my vote on the ballot, it will be for the candidate, not an alliance. This is what I want my candidate to be:
1. Stand for the values of this community. I use my own measuring stick.
2. Be a doer, not an obstacle. What energies do I see in this person that I percieve will help this community? Does this person have a history of accomplishing things outside of business?
3. Be a team player. To get things done, one must be able to work with people. The person should be able to respond to questions and be open to everyone in the community.
4. Be a thoughtful person. Consider the feelings, thoughts of others. Be able to bring forward alternatives and present them to peers.
5. Not be a person riding on the coat-tail of another, but an independent person looking after the will and good of the public, as well as the values of the community.
6. Have fresh ideas on current issues. We cannot afford to be totally focussed on government transition and cannot afford to be totally committed to reducing costs. Let's make progress in all areas of services, from reforestation to garbage pickup and recycling to enforcement of law, safety and local rules.
6. Be a person fully committed to making the new government transition work successfully.

With these, the association could be near perfect. However, this world is imperfect and reality will not likely meet such high expectations. Let's do what we can and elect the right people to get the job done as close to right as feasible.

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