Monday, March 17, 2008

Woodlands Township Texas 2008 election kickoff

Frank Robinson, president of township, today kicked off the May election by presiding over the drawing for each candidate's position on the ballot. It was announced that Anthony Fasone has withdrawn his name from the ballot, leaving fourteen candidates to vie for the five positions. Today at 5PM, the nominations for write-ins will conclude, filling out the ballot. Each candidate or representative drew his or her own number from the "hat". Afterwards, the list or ballot order was given to each candidate. Good luck to all! Only registered voters in the May election will be able to cast their votes. Locations and dates for early voting will be published on the Township website. Residents are urged to exercise their right to vote and cast their ballots! This will be a significant and important election for The Woodlands. (but don't forget the runoff

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