Sunday, April 13, 2008

Earth Day in The Woodlands Texas

Of the two special days we have here in The Woodlands, Arbor and Earth, I favor Earth Day. Arbor Day is the great day for planting trees and the community does that. Earth Day is the day for appreciating and preserving the forest. From joining the Bluebird Society and putting a nesting home in your backyard, to recycling computers and paint, to learning the techniques on ridding unwanted pesky mosquitoes, to caring for an injured animal - we learn, we participate, we become better caretakers of our forest. Quite frankly, there was good entertainment and food to go along with it, making it a very nice outing on a beautiful day for the whole family. The event seems larger every year, and this one was exceptional.

This is an event done in the spirit of a hometown valuing its earthly heritage. I thought I would share this web site explaining "heritage": HERITAGE. Heritage is a basic reason for us to do many of the things we do.

Many thanks to the many folks who participated in and sponsored this event: vendors, The Woodlands Association, The Woodlands Development Company, Village associations, Montgomery Precinct 3, non-profit organizations, performing artists and volunteers and probably others who I cannot readily identify.

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