Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mobility Plan Woodlands Texas 2008 Update

The good news is that something is being done to improve movement of vehicles through The Woodlands without serious effects to our tree buffers. Projects for 2008-09:

FM 1488 - by now everyone knows that 1488 is under construction. We must wait a while to see the project completed. There will be four (or is it 3?)lanes all the way from I45 to Magnolia. This project will be completed in 2009. 50% traffic capacity increase?
FM 242 - Flyover construction begins in June '08 and ends in 2009. Improvements are planned to provide dual lanes for turning left to Gosling and dual turn lanes at one other intersection (I did not catch which one).
Research Blvd -traffic lights and widening by using the shoulders will improve traffic capacity by 30%. All the infrastructure has already been completed. Widening begins Nov '08. Completion in 2009. Added lane under I45 freeway to David Memorial - project starts late this year, completes 2009.
Lake Woodlands - traffic lights being installed now. Completion in 10 months. Speed limit will be increased to 45 with a 30% traffic capacity increase. There is currently a discussion underway to build a flyover onto I45. It is very early in this discussion.
Sawdust- Also a traffic light. Completion 2009.
Woodlands Pkwy - complete by October 2009. Widening to Kuykendahl. Bridge ready to re-stripe for additional lanes. 30% traffic capacity increase in widened section.
Gosling - Complete from post office to Flintridge. Higher traffic capacity. Start this year, complete 2009.
Flintridge - widen in traffic light area. Dual turning lanes from Panther Creek to ??. Complete this year.
Kuykendahl - widening plan in limbo pending financial resources.
Park and Ride (new) - expansion to 600 vehicles. Expected completion this year.

This all sounds great, right? Now the bad news. Higher capacity + same surface + speeding vehicles = noise, lots of it. There is no plan to mitigate noise. Construction is apparently guided by federal guidelines on building highways, not streets. There is no need to build any sound barriers because the federal guidelines are being followed???? Is there no one looking out for home owners? Here is where I want to stand up and be counted! Excess noise is generated by modern day tires on outdated surfaces. We need noise reducing surfaces on our roads! I feel we live on highways, not city streets. Now I think I am seeing evidence why.


bachanon said...

at first, i thought you were going to ask for sound walls. i didn't know there was noise reduction road surfaces. genius. how could we create a demand and interest in this product?

also, i'm all for noise ordinances. loud stereos being and motorcycles being my pet peeves.

bachanon said...

sorry, there "were" noise bad.