Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Community Service Available - Woodlands Alert

This long awaited electronic means of communicating to the residents of The Woodlands is now available for registration. It displaces the outdated manual cascading telephone calling process of the Woodlands Watch and adds several additional sources of information to be broadcast. The selectable services available are:

Woodlands Fire Department
Woodlands Watch Message
Neighborhood Services - General Information
Woodlands Recreation Center
Parks and Recreation
Environmental Services

You can choose which communications you wish to receive and through selectable media. You can receive direct telephone calls, email, fax and/or TTY for each subject. The services are explained on the association's website. Once subscribed to these information services, you can change your options or media at any time.

I recommend using this service! It is easy to register and the information will be valuable to keep you informed of emergency situations as well as routine. Click here to sign up at their website or make changes to your account

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