Monday, June 2, 2008

Montgomery County Sheriff Citizens Academy

For those of you who would like to understand law enforcement a little bit better or even a whole lot better, Montgomery county has an excellent program to not only inform but also encourages you to participate and support this county's law enforcement agency. It is the citizen's academy. You can find current information on the Sheriff's web page. The next class is being conducted in August '08. There is a maximum enrollment of 30 students, so you if you want to learn, get on the stick!

Here is what you get for your $35 and 42 hours of class instruction:
+ How the Sheriff Department operates: recruiting, jail, crime stoppers, DWI enforcement, firearms, auto theft, communications, internal affairs, use of force, S.W.A.T., patrols, narcotics and vice, CSI, homicides, computer crime, victim advocacy, finger printing, lie detectors
+ Lots of laughs
+ Some very serious moments
+ Jail tour
+ Hands-on sobriety testing, lie detector, issuing a traffic ticket, armaments
+ Ride-along with patrolman, full shift
+ Membership in Alumni association - participation in their events.
+ Nice shirt
+ Photo of class
+ New friends
+ Graduation certificate

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