Sunday, June 15, 2008

Woodlands Texas Alert System - emergency and residential information now including Woodlands Watch being distributed

Over the past few years, as the community has grown, so have the issues for distributing timely and pertinent information to residents. The Woodlands Association service company is now providing and supporting a new information system for this purpose. The first Woodlands Watch message was distributed this past week revealing a start up glitch which was quickly corrected and redistributed to those residents who had signed up for the service. This particular message told residents about a robbery at a home in one of the villages. It gave pertinent information for resident awareness and advice on how to deal with the situation. This new system will be very helpful to residents who want to feel that they know what is going on about them and also for anyone physically close to the actual event, so that they can take appropriate measures for their own safety. It is my opinion that this information should not be distributed outside this community by subscribers unless there is a specific requirement to do so. That could be a legal issue which might violate the privacy rights of others.

There is another issue that residents ought to know about. A legal inquiry has been issued whether the data on the server falls into public domain as prescribed by the open information act. If it is ruled open information, the email addresses would not be private. They would be available to anyone requesting the addresses. If you have a Yahoo email address, you may have an alternative email address available for phishing, and I would suggest using one of them. Mail to a phishing address is forwarded to your email address and treated by Yahoo as if it was email directed at your normal email address. There may be similar services by other internet providers. Check into your service provider for advice on how to handle such situations.

I do recommend that you subscribe to this service! A picture-gram on how to use it:

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The system is easy to use. More than one member of the occupant of a home may register and acquire different information. You must be a resident to receive the distributed information. Go to The Woodlands Association web site to sign up and select your preferred options.

Make sure you save your changes after you have selected what you need. Then log out.

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