Thursday, November 13, 2008

Death on a pond in park in The Woodlands

Unfortunately, we had a mortality on one of our ponds this morning. This occurred very early, probably before daylight. Sadly, a man was found in the water by one of our youth. Although apparently not foul play, it brings us a reminder of the need for safety in our parks and pathways. We do not know if this was an accident, natural or intentional at this point, but our concern for each other is always of utmost importance, whether the person is walking, running, on a bike or in an automobile. My condolences to the family of this man. We saw no family at the scene, so hopefully they have been notified by now.

Update: 11-17-08. I have asked for information from the Sheriff. He has not yet responded. Apparently, they still are declining to comment. I will ask some else in the department tomorrow if we have not received any information.

Update 11-18-09. The Courier has released an article on the identification of the person. I have had observations on this that could contradict the conclusions. First, the pond would be very difficult to drown in. It is quite shallow. An accidental drowning would be a contested issue in my book. Second, a 21 year-old male would normally be very strong, even if he did not exercise, under normal conditions. I am betting that the autopsy reveals more than what has been said thus far. The good news is that it DOES look like this person was supposed to be here. Although he was not identified by family immediately, it is said that he was staying here with family. This should help calm some nerves around here. It has taken some time to identify the person and chemical analysis should reveal if he had a heart attack or was under the influence of drugs, and whatever else can help the Sheriff's department and county coroner to put together a believable cause of death. The information thus far is very inconclusive but helpful to residents. From what I know, there would be substantial water on the lungs to conclude that it was a drowning, so we will have to wait and see if the volume of water substantiates the conclusion of a drowning. One reader has noted that he was a "nice young man". This incident is surely unfortunate and regrettable but should no longer be much of a concern about foul play. That remains possible, but apparently there is no evidence to the contrary, at least yet.

Update 12-11-08: Toxicology and autopsy reports remain incomplete.
Update 01-17-09: The update is that there is no update. After seeking information for the past week or so, I am still waiting for additional information. I believe the information is available and still trying to resolve the questions.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Recognizing two efforts by Indian Springs Residents

Two efforts by Indian Springs residents are being recognized in articles of the Commentary:

  1. CISD Rezoning - the fight for what is right, led by Jennifer Reitmeyer
  2. Project for America - Let America Speak by Deverauex Macy

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Poll results of Traffic Law Enforcement by use of cameras

Our three month poll for readers resulted in a vote to use cameras at traffic lights in The Woodlands for law enforcement. There was a differing opinion for precisely what the cameras should or should not be used for. From 105 readers -

46% - No, I do not accept using the cameras for either speed or red light enforcement
14% - No I do not support using the cameras for speed but do support their use for red light enforcement
26% - Yes, use the cameras for both speed and red light management
14% - No for enforcing red traffic lights, yes for speed management

This translates to:
54% - For using the cameras in some manner for enforcement
40% - For red light enforcement
40% - For speed enforcement
46% - Against using cameras for enforcement

Post publication update 12-08-08 :
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