Sunday, November 9, 2008

Poll results of Traffic Law Enforcement by use of cameras

Our three month poll for readers resulted in a vote to use cameras at traffic lights in The Woodlands for law enforcement. There was a differing opinion for precisely what the cameras should or should not be used for. From 105 readers -

46% - No, I do not accept using the cameras for either speed or red light enforcement
14% - No I do not support using the cameras for speed but do support their use for red light enforcement
26% - Yes, use the cameras for both speed and red light management
14% - No for enforcing red traffic lights, yes for speed management

This translates to:
54% - For using the cameras in some manner for enforcement
40% - For red light enforcement
40% - For speed enforcement
46% - Against using cameras for enforcement

Post publication update 12-08-08 :
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Unknown said...

Well, you could always end up getting a GPS device to tell you where the red light cameras are, like this one -

indianspringsguy said...

I guess I would ask, "Why not just obey the law? Is this for protection or to evade responsibility for conforming to law?" I see nothing at all wrong with being reminded about one's bad habits. That should help those who lose track of their speed and their position relative to a light. Yes, I agree that this is an option for some people. Anything to make driving more safe.

BigTexN said...

Speeding in the Woodlands? With all the traffic congestion in the Woodlands, who can "speed" anywhere? it takes me 20-30 minutes to drive Woodlands Parkway from the mall to Gosling at rush hour. I WOULD KILL TO HAVE SOME WAY TO SPEED FOR A CHANGE!!! Cameras for speeding would be a waste of money until they figure out some way to ease traffic congestion first.

Which brings me to red light cameras...the reason people are inclined to run red lights is because they are sick and tired of sitting forever in the traffic congestion. Try waiting at the same red light 2 or 3 times because the turn lanes don't hold enough cars so everyone gets backed up onto the main lanes so tempers flare which causes people to try different streets which causes them to back up which just makes more people frustrated so now more people are inclined to run red lights...and so on and so forth.

Save the red light expense and WIDEN SOME DAMNED ROADS AND TURN LANES ALREADY!!!

Enough with this penny ante stuff!!

BigTexN said...

I was traveling north on Gosling when I came to the light at Woodlands Parkway. It turned red just as I came to the light.

It took 6 minutes for the light to turn green!

6 minutes! Traffic was backed up passed the post office all the way to Flintridge!

Aren't the lights suppose to cycle more than that?

At that rate, it would take 45 minutes to get from Flintridge to 242...pack a lunch.

indianspringsguy said...

The concept is that the key intersection for moving traffic is East Panther Creek and The Woodlands Parkway. Timing of the lights is keyed to that one, but in some cases pedestrian traffic or emergency traffic will supersede the timing at other locations, so it depends somewhat on the time of day, day of the week and prioritized traffic. Six minutes is a long time. After the addition of a lane on either side, it should get better.

BigTexN said...

6 minutes tempts me to run a red or no

Could it be these unusually long cycle times that are prompting people to run red lights and stop signs more?

If you were one of the unfortunate slugs who was backed up past the post office that day, you would not have made it through that light cycle...meaning you were lucky enough to wait ANOTHER 6 minutes for the same light.

At what point do drivers patience wear thin?