Thursday, December 11, 2008

Early 2008 Snowfall in The Woodlands

If you have children or got out in the weather yesterday, you would have seen bright smiles and sheer excitement as the fluffy flakes meandered through the air to their landing places. One youngster coming home from school just could not wait to get out of his automobile. His mama relented to his energy, so he exited when she stopped at a stop sign. He rushed down the street, mouth open, to capture every parcel of experience that he could manage. Then a few minutes later, he was on the street again on his bicycle with friends, yelling with exhilaration. Then I go to another place and watch two young ladies with their cell phones taking photos of themselves side-by-side, surrounded by flying flakes. Then they screamed as they ran around a cul-de-sac trying to eat the snow flakes with a wide open mouth, then finding some snow on automobiles, wadded it up and tried to throw a strike to hit the other or get hit. Oh yea, and some children made snow balls and put them in the freezer for the day when they might come in handy. Similar stories probably unfolded on your street as well as the white stuff glistened in the lights after dark.

Yep, this was special to many of us. Some have never seen snow before. It fell much longer than I thought it would, but it is gone now and we did not reap as much as those more lucky ones to our south.

Here in the forest, there is something more special about snow as one looks up into the sky and senses the gift that God provided to us. You can see the flakes floating down high in the trees. So here are a couple of photographs of our hometown getting a snow bath on the earliest snowfall in recorded history in the Houston area. Actually there was a snowfall back in 1944, on the same day in December, before I was even born.

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