Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Woodlands Tea Party - history in the making?

This evening from 5PM to 9PM, the national TEA Party movement will come to The Woodlands at Rob Fleming Park. Directions to Rob Fleming Park is at the bottom of the article on the park. Click here to view the article on the park and get directions (at the end of the article).
Rob Fleming Park

Realizing that there are several political views of this event, I am not establishing a position on it quite yet, just saying that it exists. I went out this morning and asked 13 random Woodlands residents if they knew about it and if so, were they planning to attend? Two residents said they had to work but would if they were not working this evening. Two residents said they knew about it and were attending. Nine did not know about it but now that they know, will attend. All thirteen said they wanted to be there. That was impressive.

Postscript - the event with photos can be found in this article: When The Woodlands Had a Tea Party at Creekside Park

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Anonymous said...

My wife and I rode by the tea party last night on my motorcycle. The turn out was incredible. There were cars parked in every available (non-parking) spot. There had to be 20,000 minimum there at any given time. My wife thinks 100,000 but she hasn't been to a NASCAR race lately to compare crowd sizes.

I am glad to see the silent majority rise up.