Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fireworks, weather, caution, July 4th

The advice is, just don't go out and do your own fireworks this year in Montgomery County and in The Woodlands, Texas. Discourage your friends from participating in home fireworks as well. Report those who are using them in your neighborhood, especially those who you consider to be dangerous. Help protect your and your neighbors' homes. With extreme caution, it is feasible to not start a fire but who wants the risk in such dry conditions? It is against the covenants (a promise we made when we bought or rented our homes); the fire chief has issued a safety warning for a dangerous condition; certain fireworks have been banned in the county.

Public firework displays are available for our viewing here in The Woodlands and in neighboring communities. The grass and trees are very dry this year. Please don't assume that shooting bottle rockets over a pond is acceptable. It is not. This year, bottle rockets are prohibited in this county, as well as others. Please help us all remain safe.


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