Monday, June 8, 2009

Texas State Highway 242 Widening - resident input, June 11th meeting

A meeting has been scheduled by TxDot for Thursday evening, 6pm at College Park High School. The construction plan for widening the highway to six lanes (30% increase of lane space)will be discussed with resident stake holders. A preplanning meeting was convened by one concerned resident, Sean Guillory, to articulate and summarize known concerns of the project. Families living near the highway could be affected by the project, especially Alden Bridge and Windsor Hills residents. Also affected would be the Fellowship church, College Park High School, Lone Star College and a number of businesses located on either side of the highway.

The main points to discuss are:
+ Noise abatement
+ Median greenspace optimization
+ Curb and drainage effectiveness
+ Traffic studies
+ Speed limit reduction
+ Traffic sign content and placement
+ Traffic light timing
+ Turn lanes and spill outs into neighborhoods
+ Communication and coordination with Montgomery County commissioner's office
+ Gas pipelines next to 1488
+ Traffic flow during construction
+ TxDot point of contact for community interaction
+ 242 and toll road study relationship
+ Outside lanes design and effect on residents
+ Specific alternatives considered to relieve traffic congestion

Basically, there are some residents asking to change strategy and encourage traffic flow to the outer perimeter of The Woodlands instead of through The Woodlands for residents living in the back (western) part of The Woodlands. Some residents are concerned about additional dust and noise by increased traffic volume near their homes. Highway 1488 and 2978 are considered alternative peripheral highways and a means to divert traffic off of Woodlands Parkway, Lake Woodlands, Research Forest and off of SH242.

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