Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gosling Median to be fixed

The Woodlands development company has agreed to plant trees in the median in the widened segment of Gosling from Flintridge to the post office. This will improve the aesthetics of the roadway and improve safety. Currently, automobiles cross the road from the post office and from their next door apartment neighbors to go south on Gosling. That creates a safety issue because of the mud that often is on the road bed and the limited visibility when using the open median spaces as a crossover. Automobiles have been rutting the median and each time it rains, mud is brought out of the median onto the roadway. Consistent with road design in The Woodlands, a paved crossover will not be pursued. There is a paved crossover designed for automobiles to change from a northerly to southerly direction, adjacent to the post office.

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