Thursday, October 1, 2009

Major crimes in The Woodlands and area - apprehensions

Apparently, many of the crimes pushing us towards a larger police force are being solved here in The Woodlands Texas.  We have had arrests for bank robberies, and now arrests of members of two groups responsible for local home break-ins. The latest arrest was announced today when one person of 23 years of age was apprehended and who is a member of what is thought to be a Colombian "gang". He allegedly participated in the burglary in Indian Springs on Landsdowne.There should be more arrests in the days to come for the 1000+ robberies thought to be performed by this gang. The gang apparently targets residents of Indian descent and possibly other Asian nationalities. He was apprehended in a robbery in Harris County.

The previous arrest in September was an 18 year-old caught near a burglary he had allegedly committed in The Woodlands. There was evidence of other robberies and weapons in the automobile he had driven to the scene.

On September 30th, deputies made another arrest - Arnolus Bulli Snel, W/M 47 YOA, of Shepherd, Texas for attempted sexual assault. Deputies were dispatched to a home in The Woodlands where they learned from the 49 year old victim that Mr. Snel had come to her home around 9:30 A.M. looking for work. He was known to the victim from working at the home in the past. He had told her that he was in the area handing out business cards. The victim allowed the man into the home and when her back was turned, the man grabbed her, picked her up off the ground and tried to drag her into a bedroom. The victim screamed, resisted and fought off the assault. The victim was not injured. Fleeing from the home. the lady called the Sheriff’s Office. Deputies called the man using the phone number on his business card. The man surrendered to authorities at the Sheriff’s Office Substation in The Woodlands.  He was arrested and charged with attempted sexual assault.

As one crime gets resolved, another is committed. A bank robbery was reported on September 28th by a white male 25-30 years old,  escaping by foot from Regions bank in Montgomery County on highway 249, outside of The Woodlands. He was wearing  a black hat that had “POLICE” written on the front in white letters. 

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