Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mobility takes a new turn - Lake Woodlands moves up

Now we have a 40mph speed limit posted on part of Lake Woodlands. That should make a lot of people happier. The new speed limit was established after a long study on risks and traffic patterns. From West Panther Creek west to The Woodlands Parkway, the speed limit is 40. From West Panther Creek east to I-45, the speed limit remains 35 mph.  A 45 mph speed limit is too dangerous to post, so please observe the limit as posted. A former study showed 45 mph not feasible on the roadway.

Unfortunately, this means that some of our children will be crossing a 40 mph road instead of a 35 mph road now, near Shadowbend. It also means that the duck chicks at Shadowbend Park will be more at risk this coming spring.

Of additional interest are the school zones in The Woodlands. Please note that cell phone usage by drivers is not permitted in school zones. All zones should now have the related signage up and enforcement of this new Texas law is in full effect.  

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