Thursday, January 21, 2010

Commentary 2009

The Woodlands Commentary recorded about 35000 visitors in 2009. That is a continued 50% growth without advertising, as we broadened our subject matter while keeping in close touch with the Woodlands community.

We added
(1) A Spanish translation option. Although not exactly correct to a native Spanish speaker, the result is readable to a person who knows no English at all.
(2) A weather channel, mostly because of local issues and the lack of good precipitation data. I coupled this with weather spotting training so that in the case of a severe weather system, the community has another person who can help with spotting tornadoes.
(3) An internal search for articles. It got to be too much trouble to index everything manually. An article on any given subject matter can also be found through search engines in the internet, but the method provided here will easily find an article without searching through the world of internet information.    

We expanded our definition of The Woodlands to nearby areas when there is something interesting to write about. There is no plan to expand beyond that level. Regional parks and day trips are of interest and will continue to be a focus of the Commentary.

This past year has been a big one. It is truly amazing what changes occur in just one year. The political transition from governing associations to the new Township has been a big change. As we start this new year, the village associations should play a more important role in representing residents due to the huge reduction of governing residents in the Township. Coming up? The election in May - we need people in the local government who are willing to spend a lot of time in the job and have the savvy to deal with business issues. The Township is a business - our business! I hope to write more about this in the coming weeks.

All in all, the Commentary continues to be a local resource of information and opinion. I do not investigate the financials of individuals and do not criticize nor seek action against any individual. However, I do seek political candidates who seek to help the community while being smart with out money. Maintaining value and our quality of life while minimizing taxes is what we need. Governing is giving. Candidates who want to help the community will give their time and effort, sacrificing part of their lives for our benefit (and their benefit also as a resident).

Happy New Year to my readers. I hope you the best in what appears to be another economically stressed year,

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