Saturday, April 3, 2010

Woodlands Township Election 2010 - select four candidates to govern our township

Nothing like a political campaign to underscore the importance of local government in our lives! Many people are heavily involved in national politics due to the magnitude of national issues, and they even talk about it at the coffee bar. Our local election is right around the corner, but not enough people are tuned in to it. We will elect four members of The Woodlands Township Board of Directors. That in itself makes this a very important election. The majority of the governing board will be determined, completing the transition to the new township government. These four residents will be part of a seven member team charged with managing a $78 million budget and establishing your taxes to fund their budget. The decisions of these seven people will directly affect the daily lives of all residents and businesses within the boundaries of The Woodlands Township.  But how many will actually go to the polls?

There are four positions with several candidates running for each position. You as a voter need to review the candidates for each position and elect the four who best fit your needs. In my opinion, all of those elected must be representing you, not themselves. 

It is extremely important to elect the right candidates for the right reasons. Each candidate must be willing and able to spend time asking questions, researching issues, understand the operation of The Woodlands Township, understand the needs of the residents and businesses, be engaged in activities, and be able to make thoughtful decisions. This takes a great deal of time. If a person has a full time job, that person is unlikely to be thorough.  Get to know your candidates. Make sure they are genuine and are focused on the needs of both businesses and residents. Vote for the person who will get you the most for your tax dollar while maintaining the values of The Woodlands.

Ours is a great community. Let's make it even better. Vote for what you think is right for the  community. That is all a person can ask of you.

Last year and the first quarter of this year, our board voted on many motions which are summarized in a form that I hope is easy to read. How each person voted is noted for each motion. I provide this information to you simply as a means to understand what the board does at the monthly meetings and to show how each incumbent is voting. Government meetings are open to the public so that the public can see what is considered and what issues are contested. To conform to state open meeting requirements, the agenda is published in advance of a meeting; the meeting is limited to the agenda; minutes are subsequently published; and even a video of the meeting is published.  It is up to us to review the performance of our directors. Convincing arguments for a proposition are often stated behind the scenes to influence the outcome of a motion. That is unfortunate, because it leaves those discussions beyond the reach of the public, partially negating the purpose of open meetings. Some people seem to vote "yes" on everything. There are however others who will question motions, seek answers and vote "no" when the motion does not fully serve the public's interest. The data in the links below is provided for your awareness and interpretation.

I encourage residents to watch the video of the last meeting and make conclusions. Also review the performance statistics on the links below.

Click here to see board motions and individual votes on those motions
Click here to see the summary of individuals voting for board motions
Click here to see the last board meeting to observe behaviors and perspectives

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