Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Behind Closed Doors - Articles to soon be published

I am interviewing three people with significant stories which reveal the nature of what happens behind the doors of abusive people. At this time, I do not know if all three will be abuse by alcoholics, but I do warn my readers, some of this can be quite upsetting to some people. These articles will be in the words of the victims, as much as possible.  The first article has been scheduled for tomorrow. It is rather lengthy, so I have divided it into two parts. The first will be the child's view of living in the dysfunctional home of an alcoholic man who abuses his wife and children. This case is presented by the victim of the abuse as a child and is told in the mature years of her life. I hope you like this, and find it valuable to you or to someone you know. Violence is not an enjoyable thing to confront, by a writer or the victim and often not the reader. Please take the time to read all of the article to understand what is likely occurring near your home, somewhere close.

These stories will be published in this main section of the Commentary.

A recovered alcoholic will normally be uncomfortable about it also.  If you are a recovered alcoholic who abused anyone in your family, I would be pleased if you would let me interview you and get your viewpoint.

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