Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Next traffic valve opening to the outside world

Kuykendahl extension project will be started late this year. This project extending the road to 1488 will open up another convenient means to enter and exit The Woodlands. With that extension, we can expect more crime, more traffic and more noise because of easier access. When will this ever end? There are other projects slated which will affect the same end: (1) Harris County extension of Gosling Road to the south - currently being constructed. (2)  Montgomery County extension of Woodlands Parkway to 249 - right of way being acquired now,  (3) Montgomery County extension of Gosling to Conroe - future, (4)  Research Forest extension to Egypt Lane - becoming higher on the priority list, (5) 242 flyover to begin construction later this year.

Personally, I continue to seek the original vision for The Woodlands.  Keep the arteries in and out to a minimum and provide routes around The Woodlands. That is using I45, 1488, 2920 and 2978 for outside traffic.  Let's see some results by using the master plan for The Woodlands.  If our leadership continues to not take care of the future of this community, we might as well abandon it.

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