Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Residents get what they deserve?

The Woodlands residents lost their potential 2011 tax exemption today, as the Township Board felt quite comfortable with the outcome of the election. Politics again played the adversary role and undercut the values of this community. One month passed by and not a thing changed except that the finance department did their work and essentially validated that it could be done but the rate might have to be raised if the budget remained the same. I asked last month for the board to be creative. It did nothing except reject the proposal! The same members of the board again voted in a block against this proposal. On the surface it appears to be "not my idea" thinking and a complete anti-resident mentality. Aren't you glad you voted for the incumbents? Now the board gets the chance to raise taxes and have a higher budget, all because of your loyalty to individuals and not The Woodlands.  Remember your answer? "... but he is my pastor ..." I now respond , "... but it is my money ...".

The opportunity was missed on May 8th.  Only two members of this board (and by the way the next board) voted to defer the exemption until next year. In the meantime, the Tax Assessor Collector will continue to raise the values of homes so that residents will pay more for bigger government spending, even in this depressed economy. We will wait to see what happens next in the township budget process. The outcome of today's meeting was predictable, so I suppose we all can see that the outcome of the budget process is also predictable. So in 2012 if you are still living here, you might get recognition for being a homeowner instead of a renter and get a little homestead break. For now, the board wants to spend more than a million dollars on the mounted "police", so a tourist has something to pet.

And yes, we continue to chase solutions to problems rather than define the problem first. Let's spend the tax payers money! It is a gift, just like leaving your car door unlocked.

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Scott said...

Thank you Tom and Peggy for sticking up for the residents. Eight people just made my "never vote for or support in any way" list.