Friday, January 14, 2011

Woodlands Village Associations and Design Review Committees

The 2011 election for The Woodlands villages are upon us. We are nearing the deadline for volunteers which make this community so great. I am noticing a waning energy among those I know who volunteer their time for the community.  We can influence what happens and how it happens by being engaged in the activities of the villages. I made a stand initially for the continuance and even integration of the village associations with the Township, because I could see that the heart and soul of The Woodlands was there. I am  seeing more and more complacency and disinterest in the community. Please volunteer and come out to vote for those who you wish to be working for your village. If the volunteers detect a lack of interest, they are less likely to work for you. The deadline for submitting your name for one of the positions in your village is Thursday January 20th at 5PM. Filing forms and instructions can be found on the township website. The election begins February 14th and ends Feb 19th at 6PM at the Township Service Center on Lake Woodlands Dr.

Township website - Election information

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