Thursday, September 29, 2011

October 2011 email to readers for list of recent articles

During the period June through September 2011, the following Woodlands Commentary articles were published. We are in our third year of an extended drought which threatens our trees and will continue to stress our water supply. It is far from being over. Related articles from the past remain applicable and can be found using the search engine. This week I was on Channel 11 news, at the TV station's request, to describe the forest situation in The Woodlands and discuss tree watering techniques. See the first article below for a news story link and the story that triggered their interest.

01.  Save our Trees   

02.  Hummingbirds again about to migrate   

03.  Eagles perpetuate their species -

04.  Businesses at Kuykendahl and Flintridge -

05.  Houston Grand Parkway goes to Development Status 

06.  Drought of 2011 - one to remember  

07.  September Storms - first of 2011 brewing  -

08. Next-generation Government for The Woodlands - focus groups for gap analysis 

09. Fall Flea Market in The Woodlands 

10. Woodlands Parkway and Gosling intersection 

11. Letting them go, loss of loved ones 

12. Amazing Discovery in the Jungle, the Rainbow Toad

13. Watering Trees, especially during a drought

14. Drought Tolerance of Trees in The Woodlands 

15. Texas Wildfire - Northeast Texas 

16. Ponds under Stress 

17. Forest under Stress 

18. Wildfire in Dyer Mill, Texas 

19. Museum hosts Kinderfest 

20. Children's Fishing Tournament 

21. Wildlife and Values of The Woodlands 

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