Thursday, September 22, 2011

Save our trees - program by Texas Forest Service

Many of the things I have been saying about watering trees in this drought are found in recently published documents on the Texas Forestry website, stated a bit differently and shortened to my explanations. It has been estimated that we will lose 66 million trees worth two hundred billion dollars in the Houston region this year alone. That is 10% of the total population of the region. Here in The Woodlands, where water runoff is managed, where the soil is sandier and elevated, and concrete is near many of the trees, this will be a larger percentage. The Woodlands is known for its enormous trees and dense forest from the lumber mining days. It is quickly disappearing and cannot be effectively reforested for decades. This potentially will significantly harm the economy of the area and value of private homes. Home owners have the responsibility to care for the trees as well as the government officials who are charged with safeguarding the community's investments and resources.  

+ Texas Forest Service video - Water your Trees! How to care for drought-stricken trees.
+ Texas Forest Service downloadable document-  Tree Watering Tips: Caring for trees during extreme drought
+ Houston Chronicle article - Houston may lose 66 million trees this year. Or more. Save yours
+ Channel 11 News 09-25-2001 - Grassroots Effort to Save Our Trees in The Woodlands featuring the author of this commentary, Randy Scott.

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