Monday, October 3, 2011

Farmers Market in Grogans Mill

Today marked the Fall opening of the Grogan's Mill Farm Market, an event sponsored by the Grogans Mill Village Association in The Woodlands for the past four years. George Van Horn pictured here is a Director of the Grogan's Mill Village Association.

George Van Horn (right)
The market is open from 8AM until NOON each Saturday. Today, the management team announced the market will be open all year starting now. There will not be a Fall and a Spring season anymore. That decision was made in response to a unified  vendor's request, because they cannot sustain business when the season is so fragmented. Now the market will be there all year long. Some vendors may opt out for a short vacation now and then, but all-in-all, they will sell their goods each and every Saturday throughout the year. All the vendors indicated that they intend to be there each Saturday throughout the year. Some will even take orders and bring them to the market on Saturdays. Many of them have web pages; a few have social network pages.  Generally speaking, all the products are natural, with a focus on health.
Dana Denton (left), Katerina Graham (right) 
Katerina is the manager of the Grogans Mill Farmers Market, overseeing its weekly operation. She is the person the vendors and public will interface with during the 4-hour event each week and who the vendors do business with during off hours. Dana is a VP in the Grogan's Mill Village Association who is responsible for the event.
Fresh seasonal vegetables are available from several farms
Local honey is sold by several vendors
On this opening day, there was plenty of space for additional tented booths. The space was about 60% filled. There will be many more vendors in the weeks ahead. Neal's Berry Farm, Theiss Farms and one other farm provided the vegetable products today. Theiss and Round Rock Honey were selling local honey. Round Rock has some three million bees in Texas, in various locations. They blend the honey collected to be "Texas Honey" specifically to help all Texans with allergies. Their blend now for sale is for this time of year. They also have bee keeper classes to encourage people to have a hive of their own.  I am contemplating taking one of those classes.
Home-made bread
Angela's Oven was there to sell their natural delicious breads and baked goods.
Scented Soaps - food quality ingredients
Honey bees were attracted to the soaps made and sold by Lavanda. As you can see from the photo, there is a wide assortment of colors and scents to choose from, and they smell great!
Chef of the Grande Tamale Factory - fresh and home-made quality
Fresh tamales are sold by Grande Tamales International Kitchen.You can order these through the internet at their site (below) and have them brought here on Saturday morning. The Woodlands is where Higinio Amado started his business a couple of years ago. He has expanded to several other markets since then. HEB is also considering selling his products.

Special Costa Rican coffee by a local packaging distributor was for sale by Don Vittorio. I sampled two of their smooth coffees and found both to be palatable, but personally preferred the dark. They sell the beans and the ground fresh coffee.

Georgia's Texas Grassfed Beef was also here selling their Texas grass-fed beef which is totally natural in all respects. I was told that I had to experience it to know the difference. Maybe next time...

There was an Indian cuisine booth selling a variety of packaged foods. Some of their salsas really looked inviting. There was also an Arabic type food booth.

Muffins for sale
These muffins from Bluebird bakery were very popular today. There were very few left at 11AM.

The market is close to us here in The Woodlands and quite unique. People come from all around the area shopping for natural products. I encourage everyone to visit it at least once, to see and experience its value. At lunch I ate the vegetables I bought there an hour earlier; can't get it much fresher than that! The organizers expect the market to grow over the next few months to not only fill the empty booths of today, but develop another line of tents branching off from the current double-lined configuration.

Neal brings his farm to us. It is located on Gosling Rd. His story of how he keeps crops naturally free from chemicals and insecticides is quite interesting and practical. He is proud of what he has accomplished. I would be too if I were in his shoes! Sea salt is his answer to bugs and fertilizer.

Come out to see these folks at the Grogan's Mill Shopping Center on Grogan's Mill Rd at South Millbend. A list of current vendors and website links are found on the Grogan's Mill Village website at this location. Some vendors will accept credit cards, but I took cash to purchase what I found for myself.

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