Monday, December 10, 2012

Texas Images on Facebook

Good luck to the Houston Texans football in our game this evening on Monday Night Football from Foxborough Massachusetts.  Texas Images on Facebook is highlighting this story today.

The Woodlands Commentary has not been posting anything recently due to my commitments on the Facebook page called Texas Images.  I thought it might be a good idea for those of  you really interested in The Woodlands because I often post Woodlands photos there. It is very diverse, not very heavy traffic added to your Facebook page, and covers all of Texas with nature, people, and event photographs, both contemporary and historical. A "like" on that Facebook page brings you about 8 photographs a day, but on some occasions could be as many as 15.  You can also forego the auto postings with a "like" and choose the hide postings option. That lets other people know about the site, while giving you the option to rejoin the postings anytime you want. There is no penalty whatsoever, as this is also a public service to all who love our state or even community.

2012 Kemah Christmas Boat Parade
Texas is a great state and now the Texans are something we can truly be proud of in the Houston area.

Come out to The Woodlands tonight at 7pm where we will be hosting a pep rally for our team up north. Channel 11 will be broadcasting live in a 30-minute show from there tonight.

There will be a number of sports bar locations in the area, if you want to see the game at one of them.

Go Texans!

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