Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Noise Measurements in The Woodlands Texas

Old News is good news? Revisiting old news can be beneficial sometimes. Noise pollution continues to be an issue here, side-by-side with The Woodlands being a traffic hub for the county. So here are the prior articles published on sound in The Woodlands. I did a two-location study several years back and published this data. It has been hidden since 2013, when I let the old URL expire. So I am making this information available in a more concise single location for reference.

Gosling Study : One day, I took measurements on Gosling, before the road was expanded to four lanes south of the Woodlands Parkway. The results were published in this article.
Traffic Noise in The Woodlands Texas - Indian Springs

Gosling Expansion :
Gosling Issues

Grogan's Mill Flyover: I was asked by a resident if I would expand my study to a location he was concerned about. It proved useful to have a second reference for the future, so I did it. This is the article on that study, before the bridge was expanded over Lake Woodlands.
Grogan's Mill Sound Study

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