Thursday, November 10, 2016

Election Results for The Woodlands 2016

The Township residents have voted for self-control and against blocking incorporation through promises and scare tactics by big-money candidates. Some idealistically voted against those who used big-money to fight their opponents, raising the bar on the amount of money required to fund a candidacy for the Township Board of Directors. Voters chose residents from the ballot, who have vowed to be conservative and inclusive but aggressive in determining our future. I consider this a victory for residents and a loss for the corporations, which want to expand The Woodlands and our roads towards our West.  We will know later this year who exactly financed the effort to block our initiative for incorporation and who even invaded our privacy by advertising on our phones. Ethical issues were raised in this election. We need to address those issues with our state congress.  

In the meanwhile, the Commentary looks forward to anticipated progress in establishing a path to incorporation or whatever we end up calling our legal status, as a result of electing willing candidates. The process is sure to be methodical and conservative.

Many thanks to those who worked for this success. Special gratitude is expressed to the Patriots PAC and its president Julie Turner, who worked tenaciously to support the candidates they thought deserved to be elected.

The Woodlands Township Position No. 1
Amy Lampman
Gordy Bunch
Bob Leilich

The Woodlands Township Position No. 2
Mike Bass
Brian Boniface
The Woodlands Township Position No. 3
John Anthony Brown
Stuart L. Schroeder
The Woodlands Township Position No. 4
Bruce Rieser
Chris Grice

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