Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Primary Election 2018

Two very important positions are at hand this year and candidates should be reviewed by everyone, but more importantly, we need to look at the directions being taken by candidates. Here are the issues I have on my plate. How about you?

Issues to be considered by The Woodlands Residents

(1) No more spraying in our backyards without my permission unless a health emergency. County. 
(2) Bring back intersection cameras. People are getting worse and worse about running red lights and police car enforcement helps for only a couple of weeks at most. Speeding should also be enforced. People routinely traveling at 15+ over the limit is ridiculous and police have no place to pull cars over and ticket them. County and The Woodlands
(3) Noise analysis and prevention on our roads is a must. The Woodlands and county
(4) Strategic road planning needs to honor neighborhood design and avoid resident discomfort. County.
(5) Safety of local schools. School Boards.
(6) The Woodlands need to be incorporated to get the county out of control and water management part of the government. We have outgrown the individual water well systems. Representatives are now elected by the good old boy method in a separate election that few people participate in. The Woodlands. 
(7) Growing concern on The Woodlands and nature. We are supposed to be a nature-oriented community but the gradual degradation and loss of habitat is being eclipsed by sports and biking, affecting the design of our community.  Where are our wildflowers? Why are our parks becoming bland and lacking native plants and creatures of nature?

Where do the candidates stand? That is my research goal starting today.